Who We Are:


The Thompstone Group was founded in 2008 by Kevin Thompstone after he retired as CEO of Shannon Development, the regional economic development company for Ireland's Shannon Region.   Kevin spent 23 years with Shannon Development and served as CEO from 2000 - 2008.   He has extensive experience in innovative economic development, organizational structuring and project management/delivery.  He has a track record in:


  • Setting strategic direction in order to anticipate and respond to changing market and policy conditions (e.g. de-regulation of the Shannon Free Zone, liberalisation of aviation services, changing investor demands)
  • Directing and managing a diverse range of functions and activities (e.g. enterprise, property, mobile investment, tourism,...) in order to maximise economic growth in a defined geographic area
  • Creatively leading the development and introduction of new products and services (e.g., Shannon Development Knowledge Network, InnovationWorks, e-towns,  Shannon BroadbandDoonbeg Golf ResortKerry Deepwater Zone Shannon Free Zone Masterplan in order to deliver a world class location for investors.
  • Balancing commercial needs with the realities of public sector policy constraints (e.g. in relation to change management, public procurement) in order to deliver a sustainable self-financing business model
  • Delivering substantial cost savings through the development and delivery of a change management programme to ensure organisational effectiveness
  • Introducing a culture of compliance while also retaining an essential appetite for innovation
  • Achieving integration of activity within a complex organisation, and with a range of external partners and stakeholders, in order to maximise the impact of scarce resources
  • Clearly communicating on matters of public interest in private and public fora and in print and broadcast media in order to build and secure support for the company and its objectives.


The Thompstone Group is based on Kevin's many years of experience of leading one of the world's most innovative regional economic development organizations, Shannon Development, through the challenges of developing and delivering solutions to the needs of investors, visitors and people.

  • Recent Case Study:

    High-Technology Start-Up Business

    Evaluate potential and provide strategic roadmap for proposed new high technology business venture...


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