Aqaba Special Economic Zone, Jordan

Completed the first tourism development strategy for the Aqaba Special Economic Zone in Jordan …


Senior member of Shannon Development team engaged by The Services Group (TSG) of Washington DC to collaborate on a major regional development project to develop the area around the port of Aqaba in southern Jordan as the Aqaba Special Economic Zone.


Conducted an analysis of the tourism potential of Aqaba and the surrounding regions.  Researched, conceived and produced a tourism development strategy based on local culture and heritage.   Devised and recommended the concept of Aqaba turning its face to the sea through the reorientation of new tourism projects and public works.   Delivered presentations to key stakeholder groups and provided practical guidance and inputs to the marketing and physical development masterplan.  The strategy has been successfully implemented and further developed by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA).

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